What’s In The Box? Finnish Babies Get New Clothes For 2018

New leggings, fresh design for 80th anniversary maternity package.

File picture shows the items included in 2018 baby box / Credit: KELA

Babies in Finland will be looking more stylish than ever with practical new items in this year’s baby box.

The latest maternity package was unveiled in Helsinki today by the Social Insurance Institution Kela.

There’s 64 different products in the brightly decorated box, which features an animal motif designed by Aalto University student Robert Lönnqvist.

While the selection of items remains largely the same as previous years, one new product this year is leggings, which Kela says are a favourite of mothers.

New mother Maarit Sarin was the first to get her hands on the new box for her son Luca. She described them contents as “absolutely wonderful products” and was especially fond of the duvent cover, bodysuit and overalls.

It takes about a year to develop each annual edition of the maternity pack. Products are evaluated by an advisory council, and must meet EU and Finnish safety requirements.

The Act of Parliament establishing the maternity grant was passed in 1937, and the first maternity packages were distributed 80 years ago. Distribution of the 2018 edition is estimated to begin in late May.