Valio issues recall of faulty baby milk batch

The infant formula packaging on one liter cartons may have been damaged, leading to quality problems with the milk inside.

File picture of Valio Tuuti infant formula / Credit: Valio

Finnish dairy company Valio has announced a product recall for a batch of faulty baby milk cartons.

The Tuuti brand infant formula affected by the recall is a one liter package with the best-before date of 3rd January 2020. Other product sizes can be used normally and don’t have the same problem.

The company suspects the the milk might have a quality defect due to a problem with packaging, and urges consumers not to use any they might already have bought.

Warning signs to look out for with the faulty batch include bulging packaging, or the milk product itself might be lumpy, or have a bad smell or taste.

Valio says that if a child has already consumed the milk from a Tuuti formula, where the packaging looked fine, and there were no concerns over the flavour or smell, then there should be no problems for infants.

However, drinking a faulty batch of the formula could cause a stomach upset.

Defective Valio Tuuti infant formula one liter cartons should be returned to the store where they were purchased, for a refund.