Unhealthy Finns don’t regret a summer diet of sausages and ice cream

Gluttony might be one of the seven deadly sins, but it doesn't stop most people indulging in the foods they like during summer holiday season.

File picture of sausages on a grill / Credit: News Now Finland

Did you think summer was for eating healthy food, low carb salads and sipping mineral water?

Think again.

Finns have no regrets about stuffing their faces with some deliciously unhealthy food during the long summer days and nightless nights.

Nearly 45% of people surveyed by LocalTapiola insurance company said they might be eating and drinking less than usual in summer, but a whopping 70% said they don’t regret all the unhealthy meals they consume!

So what are Finns snacking on all summer long? According to the research sausages and ice cream are the country’s biggest weaknesses at this time of year.

More than half of Finnish men and 44% of women eat sausages from the grill during summer, and the statistics show just how much: last year in May and June almost 6.4 million kilos of sausages were sizzled on Finnish grills.

When it comes to ice cream 66% of women and 52% of men say they enjoy it during summer; with some 79% of young people saying they eat more ice cream than usual during the holidays.

The LocalTapiola survey was carried out between 17th and 23rd May, and 1050 Finns aged 15-74 responded. The margin of error is 3.1 percentage points in either direction.