Turku plans free contraception for under 25s

Council will be asked to allocate up to €400,000 to extend free contraceptive care to young people under 25.

File picture of oral contraception pills / Credit: iStock

Turku has become the latest Finnish city to recommend free contraception for young people under the age of 25.

The city council’s Social and Health Committee voted to approve €400,000 in the budget to provide free contraceptive pills, implants or condoms for a year after a young person starts using contraception.

Included in the budget proposal is an initial consultation with a medical professional.

Other large cities like Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa already have similar programmes as well as some other smaller towns.

“Politicians in our city asked us to discover what is the situation here in the Turku area regarding young people and contraception, and we researched, and made a proposal with options to start giving contraceptives to people under 20 and also under 25” explains Dr Hannele Kallio, Chief Medical Officer for the City of Turku.

The main drive behind the new initiative is to cut down on unwanted pregnancies, but it could also have an impact on sexually transmitted infections.

“The number of abortions is not very high in Finland, not high at all, but it is good to have it even smaller” Dr Kallio tells News Now Finland.

The Social and Health Committee’s proposal is expected to be passed by the main council, for inclusion in the city’s next budget.