THL: Coronavirus outbreak continues to fade in Finland

The number of people infected, and in hospital, has continued to fall sharply although several small viral outbreaks are being closely monitored.

Coronavirus graphic / Credit: iStock

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL says that the coronavirus outbreak in Finland continues to fade – with infections decreasing again over the last two weeks.

In a Thursday statement THL says the infection rate is currently between 0.05% and 0.60%. During the last week there were only 0.4 cases of coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants: by comparison Finland is still restricting entry to visitors from countries where there are more than eight Covid-19 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the previous two weeks.

By the middle of this week there were only seven patients in hospital in the whole country being treated for coronavirus symptoms, and none in intensive care. THL says the number of patients in hospital has fallen sharply from April and May, and leveled off more recently.

A few clusters and exposures of coronavirus have been detected among seasonal workers, and THL says it is monitoring control methods in cooperation with local authorities.

This week more than 200 people in Lapland were ordered to self-isolate after three coronavirus cases were detected in the same viral chain. Mass testing and the closure of a kindergarten and a HopLop children’s activity centre were ordered by local public health officials as a way to contain the outbreak and stop any possible spread.