Survey: More than 80% of Finns eat meat once a week

Views on going vegetarian or vegan, and on meeting the demand for meat through domestic production alone are highlighted in the new survey.

File picture of red meat / Credit: iStock

Despite growing calls for people to eat less meat, choose vegetarian or vegan options in the name name of preventing climate change, and movements like ‘meat free Monday’ it seems Finns are still heartily tucking into meat on a regular basis.

A new survey commissioned by the Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forestry Owners MTK finds that 75% of people consider the proportion of meat in their diet to be appropriate.

More than 80% of Finns eat meat at least once per week; and almost 70% of people eat meat more than once each week the research conducted by Kantar TNS highlighted.

The survey found there was no significant difference in meat consumption between men and women.

Producing enough to meet demand 

About 75% of people in the new survey thought that enough meat should be produced in Finland to meet domestic consumption levels – and also for export. Meaning that there wouldn’t be a need to import meat from other countries.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the biggest support for this concept, of supporting or favouring domestic meat producers, came from voters of the Centre Party, Christian Democrats and Finns Party.

Green voters were split on this idea, with 49% agreeing with it and 22% disagreeing.

The views of 1000 people were included in the survey and about half of them said the treatment of the effects of meat consumption on the environment have been exaggerated.

“Consumers decide whether they eat meat or not. The main thing is that they make their decisions based on factual information” says Mauno Ylinen Chairman of MTK’s Meat Committee, saying the survey results provide strong support for domestic meat production.