Supermarket chain encourages Finns to eat more domestic fish

Eating more fish and shellfish sourced from sustainable local stocks could help change Finland's food culture.

File picture of fresh fish / Credit: Tuomas Kolehmainen, S-Group

One of Finland’s biggest supermarket chains S-Group is launching a new campaign aimed at getting shoppers to eat more locally caught fish.

The supermarkets are promoting seasonal Finnish fish in their stores, after a 2018 survey found that 57% of Finns said they want to include more fish in their diets.

“Eating fish in all its forms is a smart choice. Fish is a tasty and healthy superfood” says Antti Oksa, S-Group Senior Vice President.

At present salmon and rainbow trout are the most popular types of fish for people in Finland to buy; but in terms of domestic products rainbow trout is number one, followed by local herring.

Prisma and S-Market’s new seasonal fish concept is designed in conjunction with the Seasonal Calendar Satokausikalenteri website which lets consumers know which products are in season each month.

“[The popularity of] seasonal vegetables has shown that food culture changes quickly if necessary. Fish is also a seasonal meal, and this initiative will have a significant impact on public health and the economy and, of course, on Finnish food culture” says Samuli Karjula founder of Seasonal Calendar.

S-Group says that all the fish and shellfish in its supermarkets are sourced from sustainable fish stocks.