Study: livelihood linked to well-being of children and parents

The researched involved 33,000 parents in Finland who reported on whether they found working life easy or hard.

File image of children playing / Credit: THL

Finding working life easy or difficult has been linked by researchers to the well-being of both children and adults.

A new study by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL looked at 30 different indicators to explore the links between livelihood experiences and well-being in primary school families.

“The study had a wide range of well-being indicators available. The well-being of parents and children was weaker in all families where the parent found it difficult to make a living” says Minna Salmi, Research Manager at THL.

In families experiencing livelihood problems, parents reported feeling much more lonely than parents who found family working life easy.

In addition, there were clear differences between the groups in how happy the parents were with their lives and relationships, and whether they felt the family’s everyday life was smooth sailing – or not.

“Livelihood problems put an extra strain on parents in situations where other factors, such as health problems or dissatisfaction with their relationship also worsened their well-being” explains Salmi.

The research was carried out in 2017 and involved around 33,000 parents.