Red Cross appeals for blood donations during coronavirus epidemic

Anyone with a confirmed Covid-19 test result will have to wait 14 days before they can give blood.

File picture of a woman donating blood at Iso Omena in Helsinki / Credit: Jari Härkönen, Veripalvelu

The Finnish Red Cross Blood Service Veripalvelu is reminding people that it still needs donations of blood even during the coronavirus crisis.

Finland needs hundreds of blood donors every day during normal times, and although there is less need for blood products like red blood cells, platelets and plasma because many routine surgeries have been postponed, Veripalvelu still wants donors to make appointments.

“Donor safety is of paramount importance to us. By implementing an appointment system, we are able to anticipate and, if necessary, limit the number of donors in the same space”  says Maarit Kuusisaari-Bergström, Chief Operating Officer of Veripalvelu.

“It is especially important during the pandemic to have a clear picture of the number of donors intending to donate blood in the days and weeks to come. This allows us to ensure that all the blood products needed by hospitals are evenly distributed” she says.

Anyone who had a confirmed coronavirus test will have to wait 14 days before they can donate blood and healthcare experts say it will not weaken your immune system to donate blood.