Popular cold remedy back soon on pharmacy shelves

The popular remedy for cold and flu symptoms might not be back in stock until Christmas.

File picture of Finrexin sachets / Credit: News Now Finland

A popular Finnish remedy for cold and flu symptoms will be back soon on pharmacy shelves-

The over-the-country medicine, which comes in powder form in sachets, contains aspirin, caffeine and vitamin C, has been on the market in Finland since the early 1980s.

The powder is mixed with hot water to make a drink.

Finrexin’s manufacturer had to change the packaging to comply with new regulations, and pharmacies haven’t been getting stocks of the medicine during the year which means supplies have run out in many places.

However, the manufacturer got permission from Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea earlier this month to enter the market again although the packaging is still being reviewed.

Finrexin is likely to be back in stock by Christmas.

Other remedies for cold and flu symptoms are, of course, available.