Nationwide antibody testing programme begins

The random invitations will go out first to people in the capital city region, then expand nationwide after that.

Epidemiologist testing samples / Credit: iStock

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL is launching a coronavirus antibody testing study, to see how far the virus might have spread among the general population, in all age groups and locations.

Antibodies are formed when someone has already had the virus, and can protect against a new infection.

THL will randomly invite people to become part of their study, which is carried out in collaboration with hospital districts and the results can show not only people who had confirmed Covid-19 diagnosis, but also those who didn’t show any symptoms or who had mild symptoms and were never tested for the virus.

Authorities will sent out letters randomly to invite people to be part of the research project, which begins first in the capital city region and then expand after that.

The study continues through the rest of this year although the first results could already be expected by the end of April.