Lidl issues meat recall over salmonella concerns

While the use-by date was the middle of January, Lidl is asking shoppers to check their freezers for the contaminated batch.

Bergmann beef from Lidl involved in recall / Credit: Lidl Suomi

Supermarket chain Lidl has issued a product recall for Bergmann minced beef.

The 1kg product was sold in stores during the last two weeks. It has a use-by date of 15th January 2019, and batch number 1901520.

There are concern the beef contains salmonella, and shoppers are being asked to check if they put any in the freezer. The meat can be returned to Lidl stores for a full refund.

Salmonella is destroyed when it’s heated to +70°C, and the spread of bacteria can also be halted by good kitchen hygiene; by keeping meat and veggies separate; and by washing your hands frequently during cooking or handling raw ingredients.

Lidl has 180 stores around Finland, with the newest store in Kokkola set to open this week.