Increased numbers being treated for kidney disease

Kidney disease is more common in Finnish men than women, especially in older people.

File picture of dialysis machine / Credit: iStock

The number of people receiving treatment for kidney disease in Finland has increased, while advances in medicine mean the risk of death from kidney disease has decreased.

That’s according to the annual report from the Finnish Registry for Kidney Diseases which says dialysis and transplant numbers have increased by 20% over the last decade.

“The increase in the number of people being treated is due to the steady decline in mortality as treatments for various diseases develop” explains Dr Patrik Finne.

“The risk of premature death has decreased by about 40 percent since 2000” he adds.

The most common disease that leads to dialysis is diabetes, and overall kidney disease is more common in men then women, especially the elderly.

“At the end of 2018, 75% more men were in active care than women. The gender gap is particularly pronounced in the oldest age group, which is 2.6 times more men than women” says Finne.