First coronavirus cases detected in Finnish nursing homes

Three elderly care home residents have died from coronavirus in Savo.

File photo of woman holding elderly woman's hand / Credit; iStock Photo

The first confirmed cases of coronavirus have been detected in Finnish nursing homes.

Three elderly residents have died at a care home in the Ylä-Savon Health District – which covers Iislami, Kiuruvesi, Sonkajärvi and Vieremä – and authorities say they’ve had a number of confirmed Covid-19 tests for both residents and staff at the facility.

In a statement, Chief Physician Anssi Uutela from the Association of Finnish Municipalities Kuntaliitto confirms there’s been total of 22 cases in the region in total.

“The infections are isolated and the exposed have been contacted and quarantined. The chains of infection are known” says Uutela.

Meanwhile private healthcare providers Esperi and Mehiläinen have also said there were individual coronavirus infections confirmed at some of their homes.