Finns trust doctors, nurses, vaccines and science

Finland has some of the highest rates of trust in science professionals and their work.

File picture of scientist looking at bacteria cultures / Credit: iStock

Trust in science is strong in Finland according to research carried out by the Wellcome Trust Foundation in Britain who talked with more than 140,000 people from 140 countries about their attitudes towards doctors and nurses, researchers, scientists and vaccines.

Some 93% of people in Finland said the had high trust or medium trust in scientists, with just 7% of people claimed to have low trust in scientists. And 83% of people in Finland say the work of scientists benefits people like them – and 65% of Finns think that science helps ‘most’ people.

Figures vary from country to country. Uzebekistan in Central Asia had the highest trust ratings in science and scientists, while Gabon in Africa had the lowest trust ratings.

Finns have a 97% trust in doctors and nurses, similar to Norway, Iceland and Denmark.

And when it comes to vaccines, 94% of people in Finland strongly agree that that vaccines are important for children to have. Compare that to France where 1-in-3 people disagree that vaccines are safe, the highest percentage worldwide.