Finland’s meat and dairy consumption declining this year

Price changes could be affecting eating habits, but climate change issues and the availability of more meat-free products could also be playing a part.

File picture of red meat / Credit: iStock

The amount of meat eaten by Finns is set to decline this year according to a new report from Pellervo Economic Research PTT.

While pork consumption has been declining for years, this year beef consumption will drop and a long-standing growth trend in poultry consumption will stop.

PTT says there’s a similar trend in the milk market, with consumption of dairy products set to fall this year in almost all product groups.

Although there’s been strong demand for Finnish meat products overseas, especially in Asia, a lifestyle trend for people to eat more meat-free alternatives – in response to the idea that cattle farming and eating meat are bad for the environment – could be one of the reasons that overall meat consumption is falling in Finland.

However, the price of food is also on the rise. According to the new PTT report overall food prices will go up 1.1% this year and 1.4% next year – although the price of meat will rise by up to 4% this year alone.