Estonia alcohol tax drop impacts prices for Finnish shoppers

There's a 25% cut in the tax on beer, cider, long drinks and spirits - but not wine or champagne.

File picture of alcohol in Estonia / Credit: News Now Finland

Travelers from Finland to Estonia hoping to stock up on their alcohol supplies will notice a drop in the price of booze from Monday.

The new Estonian government has cut excise duty by 25% on many alcohol products, and it means immediately lower prices for Finns buying alcohol on the other side of the Baltic.

The tax price has been cut on beer, cider, long drinks and all spirits – but not for wine or champagne. In practice it means a case of beer will be around €2 cheaper than before.

The tax drop reverses a previous tax increase back in 2017 which was considered to have had a negative impact on the Estonian economy, with a surge in people going to Latvia to buy much cheaper alcohol there, at the expense of the domestic market.

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