Esperi Care boss resigns amid ongoing criticism

Outgoing CEO says that staff matters were neglected, as she focused more on company profits.

File photo of woman holding elderly woman's hand / Credit; iStock Photo

The boss  of Esperi Care which runs care facilities for elderly people has resigned this morning.

CEO Marja Aarnio-Isohannin had been under increasing pressure from the company’s clients, the media, politicians and the public after serious concerns were raised about the low quality of care being offered at their facilities.

According to the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare & Health Valvira, at least one elderly resident is thought to have died due to negligence.

“The main focus of my work has been on growth and profitability, and staff matters have been neglected” says Aarnio-Ishohannin in a statement.

“The whole company and all its employees are now suffering from this. I am very sorry about it” she adds.

Some of the main criticisms of Esperi Care is that they don’t have enough staff working to look after the number of patients; that the nursing homes are not well maintained; and that some staff have been abusive towards elderly patients.

The company’s chairman of the board Harri-Pekka Kaukonen says he is sorry that staff complaints about the problems at Esperi Care were not taken more seriously.

The company has started a process to recruit extra staff, and launching a review of operations in all its care home facilities.