Capital region shoppers are Finland’s biggest organic food buyers

Some of the most popular organic products are not surprising - but there is one food trend you might not be so excited about!

File picture of organic produce / Credit: iStock

The Helsinki capital region is the country’s biggest market for organic food, according to retailer HOK-Elanto.

The company – which operates S-Market, Alepa, Sale, Prismo and Food Market Herkku stores – says 20% of all their organic food sales are made in the capital city region.

The top-selling organic items in S-Group’s Helsinki stores are bananas, milk, eggs, orange juice and carrots.

“Organic is actually already becoming mainstream, with the growing popularity of organic products displayed in supermarkets throughout the metropolitan area” says Ari Talso from HOK-Elanto.

“It is true that organic food is mostly sold in Helsinki, especially in the downtown area as well as Lauttasaari and Vallila neighbourhoods […] however there is a great growth in demand for organic products for example in west Vantaa, Tuusula, Järvenpää and Helsinki districts like Konala, Myllypuro and Kakomäki” he adds.

There are more than 1300 organic products sold in S-Group stores and the current food trend for fermented products means that sauerkraut and kombucha are both popular with shoppers.

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