Boat Accident Deaths Down This Summer

Cooler summer weather could have helped save lives.

File picture of boats at Otsolahti Marina / Credit: News Now Finland

There were very few people killed in Finland in waterborne accidents this year, according to the Traffic Safety Agency Trafi.

According to preliminary statistics, up to the end of August there had been 22 fatalities. In the same period last year, some 40 people had died in waterbourne accidents.

Trafi’s Ville Räisänen says that he is delighted with the drop in fatalities, and hopes it’s because people are doing better at having a life jacket when they go out on the water.

But he concedes the drop in figures could also be due to cooler summer temperatures, which mean fewer people enjoying leisure activities on the water.

Statistics Explained

Most of the accidents occurred this year with motor boats – rowing boat accidents in particular decreased from 2016.

“The reduction of rowing boat accidents is very positive, as traditionally people go in the waters close to their summer cottages without life jackets […] and become unfortunate statistics of waterbourne accidents” says Räisänen.

The statistics show that most fatalities were the result of human error, on the part of the boat users.