US politicians want Nordic Resistance Movement put on list of banned terror groups

The organisation is banned in Finland but experts say that doesn't mean it's gone away - it can easily re-brand.

Members of the Nordic Resistance Movement march through the streets of Turku on Saturday 18th August 2018 / Credit: Eemeli Sarka / News Now Finland

Democratic lawmakers in America have urged the Trump administration to add Finland’s Nordic Resistance Movement to a list of white supremacist groups that are classified as foreign terrorist organisations.

Nearly 40 Democrats signed a letter to the House Homeland Security Committee’s counter-terrorism panel this week saying that adding the Finnish neo-Nazi group to the list of terror organisations could help America tackle white extremist violence.

They want the NRM and two other white supremacist groups from Ukraine and the United Kingdom defined as terror groups.

“Today, if an American citizens swears allegiance to the Islamic State (or another Foreign Terrorist Organisation on the list) and spreads their message of terror, there are several resources available to the federal government to counter the thread” wrote Representative¬†Max Rose a Democrat from New York.

He goes on to point out that if a US citizen joins a violent white supremacist group overseas, there’s not much the American federal government can do about it.

The Nordic Resistance Movement is currently banned in Finland after a legal battle, but experts say it’s very easy for them to emerge again with a re-branded name, or for members to splinter off and join any other white supremacist organisation.

Over the last few years the Nordic Resistance Movement have been able to openly march in the streets of Finnish cities, including on Independence Day 2018 when their parade was lead by marchers waving Nazi swastikas.