Sweden thanks Finland’s firefighters for summer help

Around 100 personnel went from Finland to Sweden this summer, to help tackle some of the country's worst blazes in recent history.

Sweden's ambassador to Finland Anders Ahnlid (R) presents certificates to Finnish firefighters / Credit: Embassy of Sweden

Sweden has officially thanked Finnish firefighters for their help during summer wildfire season, with a ceremony in Helsinki.

This summer saw some of the worst forest fires in recent times in our western neighbour, with blazes from north of the Arctic Circle to Sweden’s southernmost county. While nobody was killed in the fires, many people were evacuated from their homes.

Firefighters from a number of countries including Germany, France, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal and Poland arrived to help combat the fires, with helicopters and planes as well as manpower.

Finland sent some 100 personnel to help put out the fires, mainly coming from Lapland, Savo and Oulu rescue departments.

“Never before have we hosted so many firefighting heroes” said Anders AhnlidSweden’s ambassador to Finland at a reception where the firefighters were presented with certificates of honour for their volunteer service.

Finnish firefighters who helped combat forest fires in Sweden during summer 2018 / Credit: Embassy of Sweden