Really? Russian tourists think Helsinki is Europe’s most boring city

Tourism chiefs in the Finnish capital say that Helsinki doesn't need to be a one size fits all destination and there's plenty to see and do for visitors who value experiences.

File picture of the cathedral in Helsinki's Senate Square, July 2018 / Credit: News Now Finland

There’s a constant stream of Russian tourists visiting the capital of Finland, but what do our eastern neighbours really think of Helsinki?

A new social media survey in Russia finds that 30% of respondents say Helsinki is the most boring city in Europe!

The poll was carried out by Aviasales, a Russian flight ticket website, asking respondents to name their most boring travel destination.

Helsinki reportedly has a lack of tourist attractions, bad weather, and is boring during the week.

But that’s not something tourism bosses at Visit Helsinki would agree with!

“Helsinki doesn’t need to be a destination where one size fits all” says Laura Aalto, CEO of Helsinki Marketing.

“The tourism industry is going in the direction of more in-depth experiences, and the tourists who come here don’t only want to see things but to do things, and we must be able to provide them with experiences they are truly excited about” she tells News Now Finland.

“There’s a lot of visitors who come here for design or architecture, or people who travel for heavy metal music who come every year for the Tuska Festival, and those are the real trends” Aalto adds.

As for the other ‘boring’ cities on the list picked by Russian tourists, Slovakia’s charming capital Bratislava comes second with 25%; Czech Republic spa town Karlovy Vary is third with 15%; with Munich (10%), Warsaw (7%); Pisa (5%), and Vilnius 4% rounding out the list.