Our man at the UN strikes back over health care criticisms

Say what? Oh, it's on now! "Comparing us to Finland is ridiculous. Ask them how their health care is. You won't like the answer"

File picture of former US UN Ambassador Nikki Haley / Credit: Twitter

Finland’s United Nations Ambassador has hit back online over health care criticisms leveled at the Nordic nation.

Writing on Twitter, Nikki Haley said that health care costs in America are too high, but “comparing us to Finland is ridiculous. Ask them how their health care is. You won’t like the answer”. She was replying to Bernie Sanders who had highlighted the high cost of having a baby in America versus the low cost of having a baby in Finland.

Haley is the former American Ambassador to the United Nations, formerly considered a close ally of Donald Trump, but who quit her post at the end of last year as a possible prelude to running against Trump for the Republican Party 2020 presidential nomination.

File picture of Kai Sauer at the United Nations / Credit: Aura Lehtonen

Finland’s top diplomat at the United Nations wasn’t going to take those criticisms laying down, and Ambassador Kai Sauer hit back in a series of fact-based tweets that have been shared or liked more than 17,000 times – and counting!

“Here some facts: Finland has a high performing health system, with remarkable good quality in both primary and hospital care. The country also achieves good health status at relatively low level of health spending (OECD)” writes Sauer.

“Finland has the world’s third lowest infant mortality rate (UN, SDG Indicators). Maternal mortality is the lowest in the world in Finland. (WHO)” continues the 52-year old diplomat.

“Finland has the second lowest total mortality from cancer in EU countries” he continued, getting into the swing of countering Haley’s criticism with facts.

Sauer brought his Twitter game home with one final mic drop:

“Apologies for the delayed reply” he wrote “but we were out celebrating our rank as the happiest country of the world.”