New Twist In MV-Lehti Extradition Case After Translation Error

Ministry of Justice says translation problem in first extradition application has now been corrected.

File picture of MV-Lehti publisher Ilja Janitskin / Credit: Ilja Janitskin Facebook

A prosecutor in the tiny state of Andorra has appealed against a court’s decision to reject a Finnish request to extradite the founder of extreme right wing website MV-Lehti, Ilja Janitskin.

Janitskin was arrested in Finland in autumn 2016, suspected in 50 counts of aggravated incitement over the inflammatory racist content of his MV-Lehti online newspaper.

He was later arrested in Andorra at the end of the summer 2017 on an Interpol warrant, at the request of Finnish authorities, and has been fighting extradition ever since on medical grounds, saying he needs hospital treatment.

According to Korhonen, thát extradition request was denied in December not due to Janitskin’s health, but due to a procedural problem with the request paperwork. Korhonen says the issue has now been fixed.

The Ministry of Justice confirms that a prosecutor in Andorra representing the Ministry has filed a complaint.

“In Andorra, there is certainly an appeal process that corresponds to our Court of Appeal, which then handles the appeal with its own timeline” says Juhani Korhonen from the Ministry of Justice.

“The problem was that we had not translated the legal papers in Spanish, French or Catalan, but in English, which is a well established international practice. Now they are translated into Spanish, so it’s okay” Korhonen adds.

The Ministry of Justice expects Andorra to take a decision that is in line with its international legal obligations.

“We can not wait. There is nothing wrong with our request” states Korhonen.