More demand for Finnish consular services abroad

Finns sought help for lost passports, sickness, arrests, imprisonment and as victims of crime, among other things.

File picture of woman on foreign vacation / Credit: iStock

More Finns are looking for help from the Foreign Ministry when they travel overseas.

During 208, more than 240,000 people registered their travel plans and contact details to the ministry, and in return got information and instructions about dozens of crisis situations, mostly related to natural disasters.

Last year, some 75,200 Finns went to an embassy to look for consular assistance. The most common reason was a lost passport or travel document problems.

However Finnish missions also helped hundreds of people who fell ill or who had been in an accident; victims of crime; people hwo had been arrested or imprisoned.

The biggest number of requests for assistants was made in Spain (676), Estonia (196), Thailand (128), Sweden (123) and Germany (101) according to the latest figures from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs released today.