Latest Russia-US nuclear talks taking place in Helsinki

The last round of these talks took place in Vienna, but have now switched to the Finnish capital.

Graphic showing flags of USA and Russia / Credit: iStock

Negotiators from Russia and the USA are in Helsinki today to continue their talks on nuclear arms control.

The negotiations to potentially reduce the number and type of nuclear weapons held by each country began in Vienna in the summer and although it’s not clear why Finland is the location for the latest round of discussions the deputy foreign ministers of both countries did meet in Helsinki in 2017 to talk about the same subject.

Russia is represented by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov while America is represented by Ambassador Marshall Billingslea, the US Special Presidential Envoy for Arms Control.

Analysts say there’s no expectation of a major breakthrough in the talks between the nuclear-armed nations, but even a minor agreement could be politically helpful in America.

“The possibility that there is no agreement is likely, but the possibility that a simple extension is agreed to but with some minor addendum, a personal Putin-Trump protocol, cannot be ignored” says Charly Salonius-Pasternak, Senior Research Fellow at the Finnish Institute for International Affairs FIIA.

“This would give Trump an additional ‘I did it better than Obama’ line for campaigns” he tells News Now Finland.

In a statement, President Sauli Niinistö says “Finland is always ready to offer its good offices for promoting peace and security.”

“Securing a confidential environment for dialogue, as desired by the parties involved, is an important part of this work.”

The negotiators will meet with Niinistö at the conclusion of their talks.