Island life: Finnish chef wins Swedish reality TV show

The Åland chef traveled to a remote island on the other side of the world in Fiji to take on 22 Swedes in the hit show Expedition Robinson - known as Survivor in other countries.

File picture of Chef Micke Björklund during filming of Robinson reality TV show in Fiji / Credit: Micke Björklund FB

A chef from Åland has been crowned winner of the latest season of the Swedish reality TV show Expedition Robinson – known in other countries as Survivor.

Michael “Micke” Björklund was revealed as the winner of the show on Sunday night, but because filming was wrapped up on the Fijian island last September, it’s a secret he’s had to keep for eight months.

“Now I don’t have to keep it a secret! It’s been very hard not to tell somebody what has happened, so it’s very nice now I can talk” he says.

Expedition Robinson strands two dozen people on a remote island and makes them perform tasks to find an eventual winner, with strategies and alliances along the way adding to the intrigue for audiences.

Chef Micke Björklund celebrates his Robinson win with champagne, 24th May 2020 / Credit: FB

Björklund, who is well known to Finnish audiences as a TV chef for five years on the show Strömsö, has written several cookery books and owns restaurants in Åland and on the mainland so it’s not surprising his game plan for the show was to rule the roost in the food department.

“I decided I will do all the food! That is a very good strategy” Everybody likes to eat something and when you do that for them they are very happy. They cannot take you out. They need the food” he tells News Now Finland.

Food was not plentiful on the tropical island, and Björklund lost 20 kilos during his time on the show. “Now I am eating it back, but when you’re on the island and you don’t eat so much it’s not good for your body!” Björklund explains.

“But the toughest part is that you cannot trust anybody, and that’s something I have a hard time with.”

As the winner of Expedition Robinson, Micke Björklund gets prize money of €50,000 which he says is a nice thing, but then you have to pay the tax on it.