Is Lapland a real place? 33% of British people don’t think so!

It's the busiest time of the year for tourism in Lapland, but not everyone believes it exists!

Santa Claus in the snow / Credit: Visit Rovaniemi Facebook

It seems that quite a few people in Britain weren’t paying attention in geography class.

A new survey of 2000 adults by travel company TUI – which even runs charter flights to Lapland airports during the festive season – found that 1-in-3 people had no idea it was a real region. And just 22% said they knew it encompassed parts of Finland as well as Sweden, Norway and Russia.

“Whilst TUI have been sending people to Lapland for a long time, you can understand why many Brits believe Lapland is a made up place, as much of the region is magical and if you haven’t visited, you might only think of it as the fictional home of Santa” said a spokesperson for the holiday operator.

This is the busiest time of year for charter flights arriving at Lapland’s four airports of Rovaniemi, Kittilä, Enontekiö and Ivalo as tourist come for a Christmas wonderland experience.

Many of those flights are day trips, with passengers packing in a visit to Santa Claus, some local food and excursions as well on a reindeer or husky sleigh ride, before flying back to their home countries at the end of the day.