Increased Funds To Send Failed Asylum Seekers Home

The government is considering a substantial increase in the amount of money available to failed asylum seekers for voluntary repatriation.

Asylum reception Centre in Helsinki / Credit: News Now Finland

Migrants who have been refused asylum in Finland, will get more money to help them return to their home countries.

Uutissuomalainen newspaper group reports today that new regulations are being planned by the Ministry of Interior to raise the amount available for voluntary repatriations.

Failed asylum seekers could get a grant or support, and according to the report, there will be an increase in both these area.

The amount of cash available to return home depends on which country the person is going to. For example, to return to Afghanistan or Iraq voluntarily, adults currently receive €1000 with €600 for children.

But as Uutissuomalainen group newspapers report, the amount for adults could increase substantially to €2500.

Already this year, €8.8m has been earmarked for the voluntary return scheme.