Foreign Ministry issues new China travel warning

The government is coordinating with other EU countries in case Finns need to be evacuated from Wuhan and surrounding cities.

Composite picture of Finland and China flags / Credit: iStock

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a new advisory for Finnish citizens traveling in China.

The new strain of Wuhan coronavirus, which started in the central city of 11 million inhabitants, has so far killed at least 80 people with more than 3000 others diagnoses with the virus.

The virus has now spread to other Chinese cities despite country-wide measures being imposed to try and stop it.

The Finnish Government says it is following risk assessments carried out but the Institute of Health and Welfare THL as well as the World Health Organisation WHO, and is passing on some specific advice as well.

“If you are in China, we recommend that you stay away from places with a lot of people and avoid shaking hands” says the new travel advisory.

“You can use a face mask to protect yourself from droplet contamination or to avoid infecting others. The most important thing is to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly”

“Also avoid all contact with animals, markets where live or dead animals for food are sold, raw or poorly cooked meat, unpasteurized milk products and unwashed fruits and vegetables” the advice continues.

The ministry advises against all trips to Hubei province and reminds travelers that measures to prevent the spread of the virus, especially restrictions on public transport use, can make everyday life and travel in China difficult.

“In cooperation with the EU and other countries, we are evaluating the need to evacuate the city of Wuhan and Hubei Province.

The Finnish government is coordinating with other EU countries to work together in case there’s a need to evacuate citizens from Wuhan or Hubei Province.