Finland drops border checks for Nordic, Baltic travel but Sweden is left out

The new relaxed travel rules will come into place on Monday meaning anyone coming from a Nordic or Baltic country - except Sweden - can arrive in Finland for any reason.

File picture of passengers arriving at Helsinki / Credit: Port of Helsinki

Finland is dropping border checks for travelers from Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in a further easing of restrictions put in place during the height of the coronavirus epidemic.

Residents of those countries can come and go as they like from Finland through any port of entry, with no need for quarantine or passport checks, from Monday 15th June.

But restrictions remain in place for people from Sweden where the coronavirus situation is worse than the other Nordic and Baltic countries and where the number of fatalities has been highest.

Anyone who wants to come into Finland from Sweden will have to have show a compelling necessary reason including work, or a family reason, or to travel to a private or holiday residence in Finland.

The Government says the aim is to enable unrestricted travel from Sweden to Finland “as quickly as the epidemiological situation allows.”

Although everyone has a constitutional right to leave Finland, authorities are still strongly urging people to avoid unnecessary international travel except to Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania.