Estonia opens up quarantine-free travel for Finns

Finland is now the only EU country with a coronavirus rate of less than 50 - the threshold set by the Estonian government for unrestricted travel.

File picture of vehicles waiting at West Harbour Helsinki, for arrival of Tallink ferry from Estonia, May 2019 / Credit: iStock

From Monday, Finns can travel to Estonia without needing to self-isolate on arrival.

That’s because Finland is now the only country in Europe where the number of coronavirus cases is lower than 50 per 100,000 population in the last two weeks: the threshold the Estonian government has set. Finland now has 48.5 according to Estonian data.

Travelers from most other European countries will still be expected to self-isolate for ten days on arrival however – although there are some exemptions for people coming to Estonia from Latvia and Lithuania.

There’s a new testing scheme in place for people from high risk countries who want to visit Estonia, which means they can take a Covid-19 test on arrival at the airport or ports – and then self-isolate until results are known.

Even if it’s a negative results passengers have to remain more isolated for seven days – but this doesn’t apply to travelers from Finland under the new rules.