Danish minister: ‘we’d send military help if Russia attacked Finland’

The comments come after defence ministers from Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark met in Stockholm earlier this week.

Danish Defence Minister Trime Bramsen (L) meets with Nordic colleagues in Stockholm, 19th November 2019 / Credit: Trine Bramsen FB

Denmark’s Minister of Defence Trine Bramsen says her country would provide military help to Finland and Sweden if either country was attacked by Russia – even though they’re not members of NATO.

Bramsen, from Denmark’s Social Democrats political party, made the comments in an interview with the Altinget.dk website.

“It will always require a parliamentary decision if we are to sent troops away. But being able to assist each other with knowledge and intelligence I think is extremely important. If it comes to helping each other with physical contributions, then it will depend on a concrete assessment” says Bramsen.

Asked by journalist Andreas Krog if there was a limit to how much military aid Denmark could give to Finland and Sweden, since neither are NATO countries, the minister says the Danes “need to be responsive to what is being asked for help from our Nordic partners.”

This week Nordic defence ministers met in Stockholm to discuss cooperation, and agreed on a mechanism for crisis consultations, when one or more countries can ask the others for advice or help.

“We are fully prepared to use [the Nordic defence cooperation system] in crisis situations” says Bramsen.