Brexit pet warning for Brits in Finland

The easiest solution is to get a Finnish pet passport for your four-legged friends.

File picture of kitten and puppy / Credit: iStock

British nationals who live in Finland are being warned they might not be able to travel in Europe with their pets after Brexit.

The British government issued new advice for pet owners earlier this week, as part of their preparations for a possible no-deal departure from the EU.

The bulletin warns that if there’s no Brexit deal before 29th March 2019, any ‘pet passports’ issued in the UK will not be valid for travel to other EU countries.

So if you have a dog with a UK pet passport and you’re living in Finland, you won’t be able to take it for a trip to Estonia for example.

“If you’re living in Europe and are planning to travel with your pet using a UK-issued pet passport, you should speak to your local vet” says the British government bulletin.

If your pet already has a Finnish passport, there shouldn’t be any problems going into the UK, or coming back to Finland again as long as it has a successful rabies antibody blood test.

The British government maintains that it is still “committed to achieving a deal with the EU” but is also planning for a no-deal divorce to warn British nationals and EU citizens of the impact that would have on their lives.