Working from home? Sales of laptops increasing year-on-year

More people are upgrading their internet connections and getting a new laptop as the nation continues to work from home where possible.

File picture of someone using laptop for online meeting / Credit: iStock

As many people settle in for a longer period of working from home in Finland – the government recommends doing this where possible until the beginning of next year – sales of laptops are on the rise.

According to telecoms company Elisa, sales of laptops in July – September increased by 15% compared with the year before. Elisa also reports customers are also upgrading their home internet and mobile subscriptions to 5G technology.

“Compared to a phone, computer screens are larger, which it more pleasant to take care of everyday tasks remotely” says Ville Valkama, Elisa’s Vice President of Hardwards.

“On the other hand, many people also watch streaming from their laptop and make video calls with their loved ones. Many customers have also said that they have started some new distance learning, for example in the form of a course” Valkama explains.

The best-selling computer in Elisa stores was the Apple MacBook Air with a 13″ screen, although overall Windows laptops dominated the most popular lists. Demand for Chromebook devices have also been growing compared with last year.

Elisa says that according a survey the company carried out, having a high-speed internet connection is especially important to 80% of respondents when it comes to streaming movies or downloading content; while 60% of respondents said it was important to have a fast connection for remote working reasons.