Where’s the beef? MTK launches campaign to encourage more meat eating

An advertising campaign at Helsinki Airport will be seen by up to seven million people over the next six months.

MTK advertising campaign at Helsinki Airport / Credit: MTK

Millions of passengers at Helsinki Airport will be seeing English-language adverts encouraging visitors to eat more meat while they’re in Finland.

The advertising campaign is being run by the Central Union of Agriculture Producers MTK and is expected to reach up to seven million people.

A giant “Where’s the beef?” banner greets airport passengers in the Terminal 2 meeting point, with the text “welcome to the land of sustainable steak” set against a picture of lush green farmland and a lake. There’s also an advert on the stairs leading up to Terminal 2 check-in.

The advertising campaign flies in the face of recent trends to encourage people to eat less meat and switch to plant-based foods.

“The discussion on meat production in Finland has been one-sided. However, meat consumption is increasing worldwide” says Juha Marttila, MTK’s Chairman.

“Meat is a tasty, important and varied source of nutrition. The goal of our campaign is to tell tourists that steak produced in Finland is a responsible choice for those who enjoy meat” he explains.

MTK explains that although beef production requires a lot of water, in Finland that’s an abundant resource. The union also points to a study from Aalto University on sustainability, showing that water consumption per kilo of cattle produced is much lower in Finland than in other parts of the world.

While MTK concedes that beef production causes greenhouse gases, a lot of work is being done on Finnish farms to reduce emissions from cattle production.

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