Thirsty Start To 2018 For Alko Sales

New booze laws and 'Dry January' might have been contributing factors.

File picture of beer being poured into a glass / Credit: Alko Oy Instagram

It’s been a thirsty start to the year for Finland’s state alcohol monopoly Alko.

The company reports today that sales are down in all product groups, except rosé wines, compared with the year before.

According to the company, January is traditionally the slowest month for sales all year, but this year a couple of factors might have kept sales low.

A change to the Alcohol Act came into force at the start of 2018, which meant that stronger beers, cider or long drinks up to 5.5% could be more easily bought by customers.

Previously, that strength of drinks were only available in Alko stores, but now they can be bought in more than five thousand grocery stores, kiosks, supermarkets and service stations around the country.

Another factor that might have affected January’s sales is ‘Tipaton Tammikuu’ or ‘Dry January’, where people voluntarily give up alcohol for the month.