Temporary closure for Tampere factory impacts 375 jobs

The temporary shut down will last for 90 days but managers expect orders to pick up over winter.

File picture of Metso rock crushing machinery operating in Finland / Credit: Metso Suomi

Industrial company Metso is starting employee negotiations to temporarily shed 375 workers at its Tampere factory.

According to the company the temporary job cuts – up to three months in total – are because they need to cut costs and capacity to respond to a reduction in workload.

The company’s Tampere factory manufactures crushing and screening equipment used in the rock breaking industry, and employs 375 people in total.

“We expect demand to recover during the winter, when customers usually start preparing for crushing activity in the spring” says Pasi Vuorinen, Production Manager at the factory.

“Our investments in production development continue. Similarly, the preliminary study of future production facilities will continue as planned” he says.

Metso is one of the world’s leading industrial companies in its field, with a revenue in 2018 approximately €3.2 billion.

Metso has more than 14,000 employees in 50 countries around the world.