Supersize me: Foodora eats up Finland’s Pizza Online delivery service

The new food delivery service will operate only using the distinctive pink Foodora brand in future.

File picture of Foodora courier bag outside a restaurant / Credit: iStock

Berlin-headquartered Foodora is going to merge with Finland’s Pizza Online service, to make the country’s biggest food delivery service.

Both companies are owned by German conglomerate Delivery Hero and in future will operate in Finland under the Foodora brand.

Pizza Online was founded in 2007 and currently offers more than a thousand restaurants where customers can order food to be delivered. Most of the restaurants serve pizzas but there are also other popular foods like kebabs offered on the menus.

“Ordering food is becoming more and more common every year and is already commonplace for many Finns. However, the sector is relatively new and needs to be continuously developed” says Foodora’s Finland marketing director Noora Särkkä.

While Pizza Online doesn’t disclose how many customers it has, there are likely to be up to 400,000 people who have registered to use the service.

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