Stockmann shifts its popular Crazy Days shopping campaign online

The department store chain is encouraging customers to stay away from their bricks and mortar stores at a time when they would usually be busiest, to stop the spread of coronavirus.

File picture of Stockmann Crazy Days balloons / Credit: Stockmann

The Crazy Days campaigns are the most important and visible events of Finnish retailer Stockmann.

But this year instead of drawing tens of thousands of people to their bricks and mortar stores, Stockmann is encouraging customers to do their shopping online instead – another casualty of the ongoing coronvirus crisis.

“Crazy Days is a popular campaign that brings together a large group of people. For our part, we want to reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading” says CEO Jari Latvanen.

“That’s why we’re directing our customers to do Crazy Days shopping this time online. The safety of our customers and employees is our top priority” he says.

Although Stockmann department stores are open, some services have been limited to prevent the spread of the virus, like make-up tutorials and tests in cosmetics departments; and the company is only accepting card payments not cash.

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