Slush announces shakeup of senior leaders for 2020 event

The organisation has regularly rotated its leadership team, with previous CEOs going on to work in their own successful startups.

Miika Huttunen (L) and Oona Poropudas (R) take over running Slush for 2020 / Credit: Slush

The organisation behind one of Europe’s biggest annual tech and startup events Slush is refreshing its management lineup – something it’s done every year or two since it began.

Miika Huttunen takes over as the new CEO while Oona Poropudas is the President of the organisation.

Huttunen started as a Slush volunteer in 2014 and most recently served as the organisation’s Chief Operating Officer.

“We believe that entrepreneurship is one of the most efficient ways to change the world fast and at scale” says Huttunen.

“The Slush mission remains the same: to create and help the next generation of groundbreaking founders” he adds.

The main Slush Helsinki ‘mothership’ has spawned spin-offs in other parts of the world, with a real focus on Asia events over the last few years.

Poropudas says they have more expansion plans in the works.

“We are in talks with like-minded people from India to Korea and different countries in Asia. For us, it’s meaningful to be a supporting partner in building local startup hubs with an eye for impact all around the world” she says.

The next Slush expo – branded as ‘our crown jewel’ – takes place at the end of November. They’re aiming to attract 25,000 visitors including 4000 startups and 2000 investors to the Finnish capital during that week.

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