Skydiving and a rooftop park: huge new shopping complex opens in Helsinki

Redi is part of the ongoing redevelopment of Kalasatama district, bringing more jobs, homes and businesses to the area.

File picture of Redi shopping centre in Helsinki / Credit: News Now Finland

Helsinki’s newest shopping centre Redi opens today, and it’s expected to bring in 12 million visitors in the first year alone.

The complex is located in the east of the city, and marks a milestone in the ongoing redevelopment of the Kalasatama neighbourhood.

The long-term project involves job creation, building homes and businesses, as well as some of the capital’s tallest buildings in a huge land reclamation vision to transform the previously rundown district.

Redi’s monument to consumerism

While Redi has many of the same shops that are familiar to customers throughout Finland, it’s going beyond what Finns have seen in domestic shopping malls before.

The 60,000sq metre space has integrated transport links with Kalasatama metro station, more than 200 businesses inside including 40+ restaurants; specialty food shops; yoga studio; gym; car dealership; cinema; climbing wall; supermarkets; an indoor vertical wind tunnel for skydiving, and even a landscaped park on the roof.

Operators hope that by 2027, when the surrounding redevelopment is complete, that Redi will bring attract 20 million visitors per year.

The full Redi complex also has apartments under construction which will be available for new residents later.

ICYMI: Here’s our live tour of the new Redi shopping centre when it opened to customers for the first time this morning: