Sanoma in negotiations to axe 80 jobs

Sanoma Media Group Finland's flagship product is the national newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.

Sign for Sanoma Media Finland / Credit: Sanoma

Sanoma Media, one of Finland’s largest media companies, is set to cut up to 80 jobs.

The company announced today that they’ll start negotiations with unions to axe the positions, although they say some could be turned into part time jobs.

“There are several growing areas in media, but revenue from traditional advertising is declining. This is no surprise” says Pia Kalsta, Managing Director of Sanoma Media Finland.

“We therefore need to adjust our cost levels for the coming years […] we need to re-organise and look for more effective ways to operate” she says.

Sanoma Media employs around 1750 workers, and its flagship title is the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, the largest in the country and considered Finland’s ‘newspaper of record’.