Report: Many Finns wary of making mobile payments

Mobile payments are much more common in Sweden, so why do shoppers in Finland steer clear of mobile payment technologies?

File picture showing mobile phone payment / Credit: iStock

A new survey finds that Finns are still wary of making too many online payments with their mobile phone, with one-in-three saying they won’t pay for their shopping online via smart phone because of security fears.

That’s one of the main results of the study carried out by Finnish software company Qvik.

Although 76% of people questioned for the survey said they make online purchase with their computer, only 44% said they were using their phone to pay for items.

The top three most popular ways to pay are online banking (65.1%); or bank or credit card (46.5%).

It’s quite a difference to Sweden where 80% of mobile bank customers use mobile payments at least once per month.

Some 20% of people in the survey said they didn’t know enough about how mobile payments work, and the most popular form of mobile payments in Finland are Danske Bank’s app Mobile Pay.

Qvik’s survey was carried out at the end of April, and involved 1000 people aged between 18 and 75 who took part in an online poll.