Redi shopping centre boss removed after disappointing launch

The development has been criticised for its confusing layout and lack of customers since it opened in September.

File picture of Redi shopping centre in Helsinki / Credit: News Now Finland

The director of Redi shopping centre in east Helsinki has been let go from her current position, after a disappointing launch for the flagship project.

Redi opened its doors in September, hoping to lure shoppers with dozens of stores, more than 40 restaurants and cafes, supermarkets, a rooftop park, and leisure facilities.

The development was run by SRV, a construction and management company, who say that Pia Svensk has been transferred to another job within their firm.

“There have been problems in the leadership, and marketing deficiencies. We now need a new kind of leadership” SRV senior executive Veli-Matti Kullas was quoted as saying by Helsingin Sanomat newspaper.

Despite an initial flood of visitors and a flurry of media interest in the development, Redi has been criticised for a lack of customers, a confusing layout, and retailers inside reporting concerns about how much business they’re doing.