Profits And Passengers On The Rise For State Railway Company VR

Cheaper tickets, faster journeys and improved customer satisfaction behind growth in passenger numbers.

File picture of VR trains at Helsinki Central Railway Station / Credit: iStock

Finland’s state railway company VR announced a big increase in passenger numbers last year, up 8% to 127 million journeys.

The growth means light at the end of the tunnel for VR after a period of declining passenger numbers and ticket sales.

“It is gratifying that the growth in net sales continued throughout 2017” says Rolf Jansson, VR’s Managing Director.

According to Jansson, railway popularity grew not just in passenger numbers, but in freight traffic too.

VR Group’s net sales increased 5.5% to €1.25 billion in 2017. Operating profits rose to €110 million, up from €43 million previously.

The company credits price reductions, faster journey times on popular routes, and more frequent services for the rise in passenger numbers and profits.

Rolf Jansson says that customer satisfaction has seen a major improvement, but concedes that there’s more work to be done about train punctuality.