Posti starts job cut negotiations

Job cuts come as Posti tries to adapt its business model to keep up with competitors.

File picture of letter carrier delivering mail / Credit: @postigroup Instagram

Finland’s national postal service Posti is set to start negotiations on dozens of job cuts.

Up to 72 employees are facing redundancy when talks with unions begin next week.

According to the company, people it calls ‘indirect employees’ and ‘senior indirect employees’ are at risk, but hopes that newly created positions will mean fewer than 72 people will lose their jobs in the end.

The latest round of job cuts are part of the Posti’s ongoing change strategy, as it adapts to match customer and market demands which include more e-commerce, and postal operations moving from traditional paper to electronic formats. Competition in both these areas is tough for a legacy service provider like Posti.

Posti says that despite the job cuts, there won’t be any effect for customers who won’t see any disruptions in their mail deliveries.