Posti boss quits after weeks of controversy 

File picture of postal worker / Credit: PAU Facebook

The CEO of Posti Heikki Malinen has quit his job after a series of negative issues, widely reported in the media over the past month, ultimately made his position untenable.

In September, hundreds of parcel force workers were told they would be transferred to a weaker collective bargaining agreement which meant 700 staff would see their wages cut by up to 50%.

Workers went on strike and the government was forced to step in and suspend the collective bargaining contract switch.

Then, it was revealed that under Malinen’s leadership, Posti bought a €30,000 stake in one of Finland’s most exclusive golf courses.

Against the backdrop of these issues, Posti came under criticism for increasing Malinen’s salary by 65% to €990,000 per year.

“The past few years have seen painful structural changes, but also successes and courageous renewal with the help of highly skilled staff. I am deeply grateful to them. I feel that now is the time to thank and make room for a new person in the company management” Malinen says in a statement.

Posti’s Board of Directors has now appointed Turkka Kuusisto as the company’s interim CEO.

It is understood that Malinen will not be getting a ‘golden parachute’ financial settlement for leaving the role of Posti CEO.

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