Positive trend continues for unemployment figures

The latest statistics show continued declines in jobseeker numbers: overall, long term and youth.

File picture of job interview / Credit: iStock

The ongoing fall in unemployment figures continued in April, with new figures showing fewer unemployed jobseekers, fewer long term unemployed people, fewer young people unemployed, and more job vacancies.

The latest statistics from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment show there were 229,600 unemployed jobseekers registered at the end of April. That’s a drop of 8700 from the previous month, and 25,000 fewer than the previous year.

The number of people who have been unemployed for more than a year is also down to 63,100, representing a drop of 17,500 compared to the previous year.

There’s positive news as well for youth unemployment, with the number of young people under-25 who are registered jobseekers down 2900 from last April.

The number of new vacancies reported to Employment and Economic Development offices during April was 68,800 – up by 8700 from the previous year.

Statistics Finland says the country’s unemployment rate now stands at 8%, which is down half a percentage point compared with April 2018.